Monday, May 11, 2009

In Before De-claw

It was reported today that, among other things, the latest PTR build has seen the threat of Auriaya's Sentries' Savage Pounce, arguably the most difficult aspect of the fight, cut in half. I could question, as many others already have, the logic behind nerfing content that everyone already seems to be progressing through rather swiftly, but I won't do that.

Instead, I will glory in the knowledge that my Guild and I two-shot the bitch on the first night we attempted it! /flex

After a false start in which our DK tank didn't get behind his pillar quite fast enough after dropping a Death and Decay in Auriaya's path, we went on to achieve a textbook execution of the fight - no one got pounced, no Feral Defenders were left to void zone it up in inopportune places, and everyone stayed bunched up on her crotch like an eager boyfriend.

Hodir... didn't go quite as smoothly. At first, a lot of people couldn't seem to grasp the whole "don't stand in the big circ- NOW! NOW IN THE CIRCLE!" mechanic of avoiding Flash Freeze. Everyone eventually seemed to get the hang of that, but we were still taking too much damage from Frozen Blows for our healers to deal with. It seems frost-resistance gear may in fact be called for.

Overall, for a two-nights-per-week raiding guild, I am quite happy with our progress. I expect us to be knock-knock-knockin' on Yoggy's door three or four weeks from now. Or next week, if Blizzard doesn't get off of their knee-jerk nerfing kick...

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