Monday, January 11, 2010

It Never Gets Any Easier

The guild's raiding has, indeed, progressed beyond Saurfang in the weeks following my last post. In the interim, one group - once - has managed to take down Festergut. Full stop.

It is somewhat analogous to an unholy amalgamation of Patchwerk and Loatheb, except the spores in this fight, rather than boosting your DPS, boost your immunity to the incoming massive raid damage. The DPS is up to you, and boy howdy, do you need a lot of it! Festergut has a five-minute enrage timer, and 9.4 million health in his 10-player iteration. That means, assuming two tanks and two healers, a minimum of 5k DPS from everyone else, or you lose.

Yeah, we lost.

That brings us to tonight's attempt at ToGC. We were feeling cocky - ok, I was feeling cocky - I mean, we've cleared ToC dozens of times, and now we've even got a few pieces of gear from the next tier of content! What could go wrong?

...let's just say they don't call him Gormok the Impaler for nothing. Those poor, poor tanks.


  1. Except we aren't at a place where we can two heal it - we need three. The damage to the tanks is in the swap overs is HUGE.

    I was wondering what got you guys last night. I am hoping to see ToGC on Thursday. I am extra curious now to see how it goes.


  2. Oh, that's right, we did have Bonnie switch to healing for that fight, didn't we? Duh :P Things start to blur together around midnight...
    And yeah, last night we just couldn't reliably get to phase two of Beasts with more than one tank still alive. But hey, I got to ranged-tank!